Glanzix Tab GL-7TA Review

The Bottom Line

Glanzix GL-7TA is cheap, features rich 7 inch android tablet that works very well. It is only let down by poorly placed speaker and lesser RAM. Otherwise, this Glanzix tablet is well worth the price and is recommended for people who are interested in doing basic tasks.

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What You Will Like...

  • Cortex A8 1.2 GHz Processor
  • WiFi and 3G Dongles Support
  • Android 4 ICS OS
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Supports attaching USB keyboard, mouse and flash drives

What You Won't Like...

  • No Bluetooth or GPS
  • Only 512MB RAM
  • Poorly placed speaker
Glanzix 7" Android 4.0 Os 8 Gb 16:9 Cortex A8 5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen Tablet PC
Glanzix GL-7TA
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Overall Rating 3.5 / 5 stars
Operating System

Glanzix Tab GL-7TA is a low cost 7 inch android tablet having almost every essential feature while managing to cut down the cost at the same time. This Glanzix tablet has newer Android 4 ICS operating system for better user experience and performance. Eventually bringing in better system stability.

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Glanzix Tab GL-7TA Features


Glanzix tab GL-7TA has Cortex A8 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz and 512MB DDR3 RAM which makes running apps quick. The tablet is capable of running almost every app except for some system resource intensive apps. All the apps like Angry Birds, Netflix, Office(excel,word,PDF,powerpoint), Email, YouTube, Facebook, Instant messengers(MSN,Skype,etc), etc. works very well.

Storage Space

This Glanzix tablet has built-in storage space of 8GB which can easily be expanded using a Micro SD card as the Glanzix tab GL-7TA has support for Micro SD card of up to 32GB.


For connecting to the internet, Glanzix tab GL-7TA has WiFi 802.11b/g/n. It also has support for external 3G dongles (WCDMA,EVDO, TD-CDMA). Though for connecting 3G dongles, an OTG cable is required since the tablet don’t have full sized USB port, instead houses a mini USB port. The good thing is that the OTG cable comes bundled with the tablet, so you don’t have to spend extra money buying the cable. Since, the mini USB port is OTG compatible, therefore, it is also possible to attach USB pen drives, USB keyboards and mouse to the tablet.

Web Browsing & Video Chat

Glanzix GL-7TA has a front facing 0.3MP camera which is not that great but is good enough to do video chat via Skype. Also, the tablet has Adobe Flash 11.1 support which makes watching streaming videos from sites like YouTube, Netflix, etc. The web browsing experience on this tablet is very smooth.

Loud & Clear Speaker

The speaker of this tablet is loud and clear. However, the speaker is poorly placed on the back side of the tablet. As a result, if it is placed in a case, or lying flat on a table, the sound is greatly reduced. But, holding the tablet in the hand or elevating the tablet off the surface even a little bit solves the problem.

HD Video Playback

The tablet handles all the HD videos very well. It don’t cause any hiccups while playing HD videos. Also, it has a mini HDMI port to connect and enjoy 1080p HD videos on your HDTV. You just need a mini HDMI to HDMI cable as it in not included in the package.

Other Features

Touch Screen

It has a 5 point Capacitive 7″ touch screen having screen resolution of 800×480 pixels which is quite responsive.

Battery Backup

It has a 3600MaH battery providing not the very greatest battery life. Though its not that bad too, the battery life can easily be improved with Android Battery Life Enhancer Apps or by reducing screen brightness.

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  • Shaz Ron

    Which tablet would be better if I were just interested in web browsing; this Glanzix tablet or the Archos 7f G3 tablet?

    • chetanchauhan

      If web browsing is the only priority, then Archos 7f G3 will be a much better option as it has 1.3MP camera, and 1GB RAM(good for multitasking) instead of 0.3MP camera and 512MB RAM in this glanzix tab. Also, it is priced less than the glanzix GL-7Ta.
      Click here to check Archos 7f G3 latest price on Amazon

      Hope this helps

      • Shaz Ron

        Thank you for the reply; I really appreciate the help. I am not really concerned with the camera since I plan to use it only to surf the Internet.

        With the same WIFI Internet connection, which tablet has a smoother surfing experience in terms of time that webpages upload and how easy it is to copy and paste information between webpages: the Archos or the Glanzix?

        Ideally I would love to buy both and test them out to try, but I don’t think I can return the one I end up not choosing.

        • chetanchauhan

          Both the tabs have support for latest WiFi 802.11n standard, so, surfing is pretty much same on both the tabs. Also, all Android 4.0 ICS tablets have same way of copy and paste information between webpages which is easy. If you have used Android devices earlier, you will find the process very easy.

          In my opinion, if your budget allows, go with Archos 7f G3 as it performs little better than Glanzix one due to availability of 1GB RAM. Otherwise Glanzix GL-7TA is also a sweet deal available for around $90 on Amazon.

          And, yeah, you can buy both, but, unfortunately you can’t just return the one which you end up not choosing.

          • Shaz Ron

            Will do. Thank you so much for all your help!

          • chetanchauhan

            Glad I was of help! And, don’t forget to share your experience with the tab…
            Good luck with your purchase 🙂

  • mohammed

    how can i reset the password if i forget it

  • Dawn

    I purchased a GLanzix about 6 months ago. Initially it worked very well however now after about 5 minutes it will shut itself off. The only was I can keep it running is to leave it plugged in. Any suggestions?

    • chetanchauhan

      This seems like an issue with the battery, most probably the battery of your Glanzix tablet is dead. Try charging the tablet when it is not on, and see if it charges or not. If it isn’t charging, and since tablet works when plugged in, its clear that battery is dead.

  • Dawn

    Is there a way to replace the battery in the Glanzix tablet?

  • Maria pappas

    If anyone can help men see what the problem is with my Glanzix Tab GL-7TA I would really be thankful!!! When I turn it on it has an Android man with his chest open…what does this mean??!